Child not in school? The A-Z of What You Need to Know: Part 1

Child not in school because of EBSA

If your child is not in school for a prolonged absence it’s easy to find yourself in a murky world of acronyms and new terminology and feel lost not knowing which way to turn. As a teacher in alternative provision I sometimes forget that it can sound like I’m speaking in riddles. Here I try […]

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Your Child’s Mental Health and You

Your child’s mental health is important in family dynamics. As parents, we all want the best for our children and our families and when a child’s mental health starts to take a tumble or school absence begins to climb it can be difficult to know where to turn. This blog aims to explain about the […]

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Creating Our Values at Next Steps Education

You may have noticed an additional line or two at the bottom of our emails and social posts of late – we’ve been creating our values and now we want to shout about them. Liz and I feel our values are front and centre of every decision we make, whether that’s planning for our students, […]

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Home Tuition FAQ

Here’s our Home Tuition FAQ. We’ve done our best to answer the questions that we often get asked by parents at the beginning of their journey with us. If you have another burning query please do give us a call. What happens on the day? Your tutor(s) will have been given all the information that […]

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What to Expect From Home Tuition

A tutor and a student sit together having home tuition

Do you know what to expect from home tuition? Whether you’re a parent or student, starting alternative provision tuition can be an unexpected leap into the unknown. Let us put your mind at rest with ten things to expect as a new Next Steps Education student or family member. […]

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Devon School Open Days

a student in black coat holding a black board

Are you looking for information on Devon school open days? The last in our series of blogs on secondary school transition puts the dates all in one place so you don’t have to trawl through each and every school website for the information. […]

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Secondary School Transition

empty sports ground near school

Thinking about secondary school transition in Devon, Torbay or Plymouth? If your child is in Year 6, chances are you’ve started to think about the move and what it entails. The transition can be quite a tricky time for both parents and children to navigate, especially if it’s the first time you’ve encountered the paperwork. […]

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Applying to Secondary Schools in Devon

Surfing in Croyde, Devon

It can feel like a massive decision to make when you’re deciding your child’s future education. We’ve pulled together information on secondary schools in Devon to make that decision-making process a little lighter. […]

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