Creating Our Values at Next Steps Education

You may have noticed an additional line or two at the bottom of our emails and social posts of late – we’ve been creating our values and now we want to shout about them.

Liz and I feel our values are front and centre of every decision we make, whether that’s planning for our students, hiring and supporting tutor or delivering for our clients and families. So what’s underpinning our business and our success? Keep reading…

Value #1 People First

It’s become a bit of an office mantra already! When we come to a difficult decision or we’re pushed for time with too many tasks we think People First. After all, our business is all about support and creating safe, engaging spaces where everyone can thrive. That’s why our first value is “People First” and why our doors are always open to support you.

Value #2 Be honest and direct, with optimism

We can all move forward when we communicate positively and clearly. Let’s be honest, navigating alternative provision can be tricky for everyone concerned. That’s why we feel that being honest and direct is best. And with optimism? Well of course! Liz and I believe that anything is possible if you want it enough and you work hard enough. If you’ve met us you’ll know our optimism is an important keel to our successes.

Value #3 Everyone has impact

Yes, that means you too! We all influence each others’ lives, wellbeing and learning. It’s up to us to be the difference we want to see in the world. But not only that, we know the world wouldn’t function at all if we all had exactly the same skills and talents. We all have impact in our own unique way – the trick is to find your way and be proud of it!

Value #4 Together, we raise the bar

Together gives us the strength to achieve difficult tasks. We know that working alone is always harder than working in a team and that’s why we at Next Steps Education pull together to make our own successes. Students, parents, tutors, commissioners, you’re all part of our team now and we’ll work together to raise the bar in education for everyone.

Value #5 Excellence is a state of mind

Think great, be great. Did you know that if you improve by a tiny 1% every day then in just 70 days you’ll be twice as good? Imagine if you then keep improving by 1% every day! Success takes forward planning, resilience and consistent work, so know your strengths, live them and work to improve them.

Creating Your Values

Creating our values was great fun and a valuable compass for all that we do at Next Steps Education. We will hold ourselves to them at all times and use them to help us know “the right thing” for us. Would you like to discover your own values? Take a look at our list of values and see which you would pick for yourself.