Alternative Provision

Five Easy Steps to Bespoke Tuition


Our team jumps into action as soon as your referral form hits our inbox. 

We’ll contact you, the family and tutors and start creating a package.


We flex around you. Choose from core subjects, mentoring or something else.

We’ll complete an Education Plan with the student and work with tutors to develop a curriculum.


You’ll have access to our easy to use portal where you’ll find student calendars, lesson reports and progress updates. 

Need weekly attendance data? No problem!


We’ll remind you to pick a convenient time for a half-termly review.

On the agenda: progress, attendance, student & family thoughts and updates from school.


When the time is right, our mentors and tutors will support your student back into the setting, making reintegration a smooth and successful process.

Our current partners include:

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Packages to Suit Every Need

There’s no one typical package; each student gets a provision that they need and what they are ready for. Over time, progress and commitment are reviewed and tuition hours are added. Our goal is always to place a student back into a setting where they can flourish in education.

Josie's Journey

Josie joined us as a Year 8 pupil who had been finding school tricky and was recently excluded. When we met Josie she was struggling across core subjects, but also struggling with managing her behaviour. Our team put in place tuition for Maths, English, Science but we started with mentoring.

Through her mentoring sessions, Josie rapidly improved in her engagement, learning to verbalise her needs and describe her feelings about a task. 

The 1:1 tuition sessions gave Josie a chance to get to grips with the topics she’d been finding hard at school and she started making rapid progress with her individual support.

Equipped with new confidence, she’s transitioned into a new school and is engaging with all subjects well.

Edward's Story

Edward joined us in Year 10 after a permanent exclusion from his school. 

Working with the local authority and his family, we put a plan in place for 3 hours of Maths tuition and 4 hours of English tuition each week. Lessons take place at home and in rooms provided to us by a local charity.

Mum stays in touch weekly to organise sessions around family working life and opportunities for Edward to take up valuable work experience, counselling and our own mentoring sessions

Reports from Edward’s tutors are building a picture of his (great!) attitude and progress. His family will use the reports to support an application back in a mainstream setting.

The Student Journey

Want us to help you?


Our Commitments To You

Our experienced teachers take the planning strain

Whether you want us to fit into your scheme of work or deliver a bespoke curriculum finely tuned to the child’s needs, our team of tutors plan, deliver and assess each student’s learning.

We're committed to safeguarding your students

Safeguarding is in every step we take, from following KCSIE guidance, to robust policies, through to safeguarding reports from tutors after every session. Our tutors are all Safeguarding trained and our systems are built to trigger immediate action over any concerns.

Our services deliver on flexibility and budgets plan

Being responsive means that we can get an alternative provision package in place quickly and yet still deliver consistency to your students. We know that alternative provision is often there to support students back into mainstream education, so we ask for just 72 hours notice at the end of a contract.

Our reporting is designed with you in mind monitor

Our tutors keep you updated with a report every lesson and our systems are set up to make sure this gets in front of whoever needs to see it. Over time, each student builds up an learning profile that can support their next steps in education, be that new school admission, EHCP or progress towards exams.

Mentoring with Next Steps

Relationships and belonging are key to the success of a child and vital for many of our vulnerable students.
Our mentors use relational learning as a framework for our students and their families. There are three main components to our relational model: developing relationships, responding and calming and repairing and restoring.
Mentors work together with students to:
– complete a relational support plan and share this with the student’s team (tutors, parents, us)
– build a positive relationship with a student and use this as a springboard to support them with co-regulation and positive learning experiences 
– encourage greater confidence in themselves and their emotional & academic ability
– create their own strategies to move away from negative behaviours.
– consider their life goals and find ways to achieve them
Our mentors also relate to any challenges and issues students face that are creating a barrier to learning.  Supporting a student can empower them to break free from their comfort zone.

Areas of Support

  • Academic mentoring
  • Social & emotional skills
  • Supporting young people with Anxiety
  • Study skills
  • Life coaching/achieving goals
  • Mediating with the family unit to support the well-being of all the members
  • Conflict resolutions